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These hot sauces are some of Colorado's most popular. Small-batch made with peppers from Hatch Valley and Pueblo Colorado, Palisade Peaches, and fiery habaneros. 


Green Belly is a unique hot sauce. With deep notes of cilantro, this hot sauce has a mild spice level, and tons of Guatemalan flavor. It shines as the base for pizza instead of classic marinara. As well as on lunch sandwiches, backyard grilled meats, and caramelized brussel sprouts. 


Coopers Small Batch Peaches En Regala infuses Colorado's famous Palisade peaches with roasted habanero, and rosemary. It has a medium spice level. This hot sauce puts a new spin on dinner salads, camping chili, and heirloom tomatoes. 


Merfs Jamberry is a local staple in most diners. It brings out the richness and heat of blueberries, Pueblo peppers, chile, and blackberries. It is wonderful on Sunday omelets, roasted chicken, and classic Mexican cuisine.