Vendor of the Month: Eric Vierra from Louisville, Colorado.


Eric always had a passion for pickiling, cooking, and canning. After years of sharing his recipes with friends and family, he decided to take a leap and form The Good Jar. He continues to add to exciting product made from organic Colorado produce. 


This package features his best-selling products. His pickles have a thinner slice, which took Eric almost a year to perfect. 


Bread and Butter Classic is a traditional sandwhich pickle. With cauliflower, mustard seed, and garlic, it makes the perfect blend of sweet with cider vinager. 


Bread and Butter Two Peppers is the traditional sandwhich pickle with dried chilies. It adds an exciting twist to tuna salad, ham sandwhiches, and charcuterie. 


Dilly Beans are a bloody mary favorite when you host Sunday brunch at home. They're crisp, tangy, and many just eat these delights straight from the jar. 




    Mon - Sat: 10:30-5:30pm

    Sunday: CLOSED


    2692 W Alamo Avenue

    Littleton Colorado 80120


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